Dr. med. Philipp M. Buck

This week we present the practice clinic Goldbek Medical from our partner Dr. med. Philipp M. Buck and his colleague Thomas Hartmann. Epi nouvelle+ naturelle has been an integral part of everyday practice for a year now. Dr. Buck: ” After laser treatments you have to be careful. The skin needs time to regenerate. This is very important for successful post-treatment. It is not possible to speed up this process” Philipp M. Buck a few years ago. Meanwhile, Dr. Buck also uses epi nouvelle+ naturelle and achieves a significantly shorter downtime and a higher patient satisfaction.

Dr. med. Philipp M. Buck treats in his practice clinic Goldbek Medical in Winterhude, Hamburg. The practice clinic is located directly on the Goldbekplatz in a beautiful, light-flooded brick building. Goldbek Medical is an institution in Hamburg. Whether you open the Gala or the Men’s Health, you will find Goldbek Medical from the far north. Dr. med. Buck is one of the top 5 dermatologists in Hamburg on jameda. The practice offers modern and high-quality treatments in the fields of dermatology and plastic surgery, and pays attention to a highly professional and personal approach to the patient. Goldbek Medical is committed to providing optimal medical care with cosmetically excellent results. This reaches Dr. Buck among others with epi nouvelle+ naturelle; as part of a holistic treatment concept. Due to the high-quality after-treatment Dr. med. Buck achieved a very high patient satisfaction and gained many repeat customers. This also attracts well-known personalities from film and television.


In the field of dermatology, Goldbek Medical focuses on laser therapy with 7 different laser systems, systemic therapy for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, non-invasive treatment of hyperhidrosis (miraDry) and CoolSculpting. In addition, Goldbek Medical acts as a study site of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. The cosmetics department offers scrubs, facials, HydraFacial, JetPeel and medical microneedling. Dr. Buck is actively following the latest developments and trends in the industry. He is always interested in new products with which he can improve his treatment concept. At the DERM in Frankenthal, Dr. Buck became aware of epi nouvelle+ naturelle. Dr. Buck: ”In our practice we want to offer innovative solutions using state-of-the-art equipment. This includes a suitable and effective aftercare. epi nouvelle+ masks are a perfect match for our professional approach and treatment concept. ”Both in the aftercare in the dermatological area as well as after cosmetic treatments Dr. Buck use the biocellulose masks for cooling, moisturizing and soothing. ”Versatile, easy to use and optimal care of the skin after medical or cosmetic treatments,” Says Dr. Buck about the masks of epi nouvelle+

Especially after minimally invasive treatments in the facial area such as Hyaluronic acid injections, thread lifting, laser treatments, microneedling etc. the epi nouvelle+ mask improves comfort and patient satisfaction. Due to the easy handling, the good dermatological compatibility and the calming effect, significantly less swelling and redness can be observed, which shortens the patient downtime. A short-term storage in the refrigerator before application is perceived as pleasant, overcooling with conventional cool packs can thus be avoided.

Dr. med. Philipp M. Buck, Goldbek Medical