Dr. med. Marion Runnebaum

An interview given by Dr. med. Marion Runnebaum

Hello Dr. Runnebaum, I saw that you were listed again in this year`s Focus-Ranking and thus belong to the best doctors of Thuringia. Congratulations from my side, have you been pleased with this award?

Dr. Runnebaum: Hello Mr. Machnik, yes, of course! It still gives me great pleasure and I feel massively flattered by the recommendation of so many colleagues and patients, who apparently appreciate me and the work I do. This means a great deal to me.

Within the Focus-Ranking they ask questions like „In your point of view, whom of your colleagues does an exceptional good job?” What do you think why your colleagues and patients particularly value your work so much?

Dr. Runnebaum: For me the health of my patients and the safety of the treatment come first. To achieve this, I use only high-value products and receive all my practice equipment by market leaders.

I try to always advise my patients extensively and individually. This is what many patients notice and appreciate.

Moreover, I ensure further development for myself and latest technical standards for my therapies. So I can inform my patients about new advanced applications. At our surgery we have outstanding products and modern therapies and I think my patients highly appreciate that.

And about what therapies you talking about? What is the main focus of your work?

Dr. Runnebaum: We offer services relating to the classic dermatological sector like skin cancer screening and we also focus on laser medicine and cosmetic treatment. The main performance focus lies on aesthetic medicine. We offer a variety of therapeutic options to diminish the signs of skin aging. We have new techniques for three-dimensional facial rejuvenation such as BOTOX® treatments and injections of hyaluronic acid. Currently, we are highly focused on the improvement of post-treatment after those treatments.

What is important about the post-treatment?

Dr. Runnebaum: Patients come in our surgery and tell us about their dermatological and cosmetic concerns. Besides that, the post treatment stays behind. The shock is really big when patients recognize aftereffects like swellings and skin irritations after treatment. Pain and irritations of the skin can be many times reduced by an efficient post-treatment. Therefore, it is worthwhile to inform patients about products for aftercare as early as possible. So, I can be assured that my patients have a very good feeling after treatment.

What kind of products do you mean specifically?

Dr. Runnebaum: We tried some products. The moisturizing masks of epi nouvelle+ naturelle left an especially positive impression. These masks only consist of nanocellulose and water and they have a long-lasting cooling effect. They relief the pain as well as they reduce swellings and redness that arise from the dermatological or aesthetic surgery and that are unfortunately unavoidable. By the use of epi nouvelle+ naturelle we can counter unpleasant aftereffects und we are well equipped to make the time after treatment for the patients more convenient. We know the value of epi nouvelle+ naturelle and this is why we added it to our range of products. I can only recommend it to everyone.

Dr. Runnebaum, many thanks for this interview and for sharing your expert knowledge with us.

Dermatologist in Jena– Private Practice – Haut- und Lasermedizin am Landgrafen, Schillbachstraße 1, 07743 Jena