Petra Drissen

Since dermo-aesthetic treatments for skin rejuvenation become more and more successful the border between pharmaceutics and cosmetics is going to be fluent. I figured out that my magic mask actually is an innovative product of JeNaCell. JeNaCell is a specialist in the development and manufacture of skin-soothing products and also offers masks (epi nouvelle+ naturelle) for aftercare of dermatological procedures. 

The masks are made on a purely vegetable basis and are used after aesthetic dermatology as well as in case of burns. The mask induces a very pleasant and lasting cooling of the skin and reduces the feeling of dryness and redness. The removing of the mask is painless and so far, there are no allergic reactions known. I felt very comfortable with this soothing mask of JeNaCell after my laser treatment and it literally made me feel much more relaxed in terms of the following sessions.

Those who undergo beauty-treatments should enquire their doctors about the masks and pads of JeNaCell. They should be very helpful to reduce swellings and redness in the case of injections and laser treatments. I will report about further treatments with the laser and with the pads of JeNaCell by Dr. Gansel at the Laser Medizin Zentrum Rhein-Ruhr.

I am also looking forward to the new cosmetics line that JeNaCell will launch soon. 

Petra Drißen, Costumer and leading blogger in the field of Best Agger