Our Unique features

With epi nouvelle+ naturelle we produce a high-quality solution for post treatment of dermatological treatments with the following unique properties: pure and clean water, long-term use and effect, self-cooling, adhering, 100% natural material. The patients are mobile and able to sit or walk around as usual.

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Moisture and cooling support reduction of swelling and redness

Unique post-treatment strategy: close customer bonding

Happy customers

High water content and the evaporation cooling leads to calming and relaxation

Helps to smooth small wrinkles and make the skin glow

Supports skin penetration of water and other cosmetic ingredients

Sterilized: safe aftercare

No preservatives or additives 

No known allergic reactions

Easy handling 

Natural care

Painless removal

Customer can be active during follow-up treatment

Quickly available, because epi nouvelle+ naturelle is not a medical device





JeNaCell is a specialist in the development and manufacture of biotechnology-derived nanocellulose with a well-defined design and a structure that is generated under high quality control. With epi nouvelle+ naturelle we have a unique product for post treatment of dermatological und surgical procedures in Jena.

Our mission is the best possible and most pleasing treatment of human skin. In Germany, we are the product of the year in aesthetic dermatology. 

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