We support your regeneration

There is a growing trend towards using more and more pharmaceutical substances, cosmetic ingredients and chemical agents

– but without effective improvements.

The durable impact of these substances can have serious consequences for the already irritated and sensitive skin. JeNaCell puts an end to long and painful treatments: epi nouvelle+ naturelle supports your healing process on a purely natural basis and thereby feels really good.

Moreover, adding active substances and solutions to epi nouvelle+ naturelle achieves more specific effects on the skin. Please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information and recommendations. The products of JeNaCell are easy to handle, extremely high quality and convincing.

100% purely nature

Easy Handling


Clean the desired area of the skin thoroughly with water before using epi nouvelle+ naturelle.


The pads should smoothly attach to the skin. Level out potential folds or waves.


Take your time. Relax. Your regeneration begins. No stress. The application should take 45 minutes up to 4 hours maximum.


In case that the epi nouvelle+ naturelle has dried up during application, simply rewet it with water! After some minutes, epi nouvelle+ naturelle is completely moist again, as when opening the package.


Use epi nouvelle+ naturelle regularly. Provide your skin with the relaxation that you deserve. Regularly applied epi nouvelle+ naturelle relaxes your skin and soul.