Because of the considerable stress of dermatological treatments or in the case of allergies and rashes the skin becomes red and hurts.
Some of you may certainly ask yourself some questions:
How can I relieve pain? How long may stay redness and swellings? So far you tried to reduce the redness and swellings by using creams and cold packs. But these methods are cumbersome and only help for a short time. Your regeneration is supported in a highly comfortable way by epi nouvelle+ naturelle thanks to the high-water content, the extensive cooling and the pleasant soothing of the skin .

With epi nouvelle+ naturelle we produce a high-quality solution for post treatment of dermatological treatments with the following unique properties: pure and clean water, long-term use and effect, self-cooling, adhering, 100% natural material. The patients are mobile and able to sit or walk around as usual.





JeNaCell is a specialist in the development and manufacture of biotechnology-derived nanocellulose with a well-defined design and a structure that is generated under high quality control. With epi nouvelle+ naturelle we have a unique product for post treatment of dermatological und surgical procedures in Jena.

Our mission is the best possible and most pleasing treatment of human skin. In Germany, we are the product of the year 2016 in aesthetic dermatology. We have the top product for post-treatment in the dermatological sector.

That are the keystones that make our products extremely efficient:




The basis for manufacturing is a self-developed, globally unique technology for the automated, continuous production of nanocellulose of planar form. This efficient method means that, for the first time, this fascinating biomaterial can be produced both in large quantities and at a consistently high quality. Furthermore, the innovative process permits great variability as a result of the variable fleece thickness and lengths that can be freely selected in the production process.



Our products impress with an exceptional material quality, high stability and structural homogeneity. Quality assurance is natural for us. Consequently, we are producing in a certified production process according to DIN EN ISO 13485:12.



We are an experienced, interdisciplinary team of specialists in the fields of biochemistry, biotechnology, management and marketing. Profound scientific and technological expertise enables us to control the design and material properties of our products and to combine it with active ingredients.



We are always available to our partners. Our company is located in Jena. The JeNaCell company is looking forward to meet and get to know our partners. Our employees, the heart of our success, our production and our premium line epi nouvelle+ naturelle you can meet in Jena.



Honesty and integrity are our core elements. We want to build long-term partnerships and help you and your patients. This is our vision. Long-term success can only be achieved by working honestly and trustingly togehter. These values are very important to us.



We produce exclusively in Germany. The location is very important for the further development of epi nouvelle+ naturelle. Our network, our managers and our driving forces for innovation are all in Germany. We can assure a consistently high quality and guarantee values such as punctuality and ambition. This will remain so!