Dr. med. Jens H. Baetge

Naturally we have also tested epi nouvelle+ naturelle and we were astonished by the effective treatment concept. The fact that we are now able to treat the face permanently with water is quite new. A solution like this did not exist before. The results we acquired were all over positive: epi nouvelle+ naturelle greatly supports and accelerates regeneration. The product highly differentiates through its high standards.

It is very important for us that epi nouvelle+ naturelle is free from gelatin and other undesirable ingredients and that it is produced in Germany. Besides, it is an absolutely plant-based product. epi nouvelle+ naturelle is low-priced but extremely effective. Of course, we also tried pads from Asia. But the difference that makes epi nouvelle+ naturelle unique lies in the patented production method.

In my point of view, the technological edge of epi nouvelle+ naturelle is nearly unrivaled. By its significantly higher moisture content the product cools longer and more extensively. Moreover, we can even add specific active substances to the pad. The purity of epi nouvelle+ naturelle is a crucial factor to me.

Nürnberger Klinik für Ästhetisch-Plastische Chirurgie, Sibeliusstr. 15, 90491 Nürnberg