Dr. med. Jürgen Ellwanger

Hello, Dr. Ellwanger! Thank you very much for taking the time to do the interview. Please tell us a little about yourself and your dermatological practice in Munich.

Dr. Ellwanger: I like to do that. My team and I offer dermatology-based treatments on the latest science. We specialize in Classical, Aesthetic and Operative Dermatology, as well as Dermatological Laser Medicine, Anti-Aging, Allergology and Pediatric Dermatology.

A high and modern level of treatment is very important for the patients. What are you doing to satisfy the wishes of your patients?

Dr. Ellwanger: Through expertise, years of experience and innovative treatments, our patients benefit from first-class performance. For me, it is also very important to have a holistic concept that allows patients to feel completely comfortable and to enjoy life in a carefree way. In order to be able to offer this high standard permanently, I regularly attend advanced training. My team also takes part in continuing education and advanced training. In practice, we have a fixed internal training, which is carried out monthly and always has a very high level.

That sounds wonderful. Can you tell us something more about your personal recipe for success? What are the critical aspects of first-class treatments?

Dr. Ellwanger: In my opinion, there are two key aspects that make the difference. First, a personalized and custom-tailored treatment and aftercare. The patient is fully informed and receives from our team full attention and care, to achieve the best result. This also includes the appropriate aftercare, as we believe that a treatment does not end with the therapy. Second, it’s important to stay one step ahead of technology and science. In the area of ​​aftercare, I have come to know epi nouvelle+ naturelle and consistently received positive feedback from my patients.

Thank you, that makes us very happy. Can you tell us why exactly epi nouvelle+ naturelle fits your treatment concept?

Dr. Ellwanger: The products are innovative and consist only of natural materials without preservatives and additives. So, I don´t risk an allergic reaction. The various sterile masks can be used in just to any dermatological procedure and can even be used by the patient at home. This is a great relief for the patients and a very good for patient loyalty. My team and I want to achieve the maximum well-being for our customers, to reduce after-effects quickly and effectively; This is achieved through specialist expertise and therapeutic exclusivity. The epi nouvelle+ products are a perfect match for this.

Finally, you can give us a hot tip, what you must have seen in the beautiful spring in Munich?

Dr. Ellwanger: That’s a nice question. When the first buds sprout in Munich, the temperatures go up and the birds sing again, the city thrives unbelievably. I love the Hofgarten and the Viktualienmarkt. There is probably no better place to buy delicious cheese, olive oil or wonderful sausage from the butcher and to experience a wonderful atmosphere. What I particularly recommend is a walk to St. Peter’s Church, on Marienplatz. You can climb there on the viewing platform. That’s a proud 306 steps, but the view is really fantastic. If the weather cooperates, you can see up to the Alps.

Dr. Ellwanger, many thanks for your time and your trust! We wish you and your practice continued success.

Dermatologist Private Practice Dr. med. Jürgen Ellwanger Dermatologist, Ottostraße 11, 80333 Munich