Dr. med. Kai Rezai

The dermatology practice whom they trust – The dermatology practice with know-how and with a feel-good character

In the heart of Münster Dr. med. Kai Rezai has not just a successful dermatology practice. He promises a far better performance: your total satisfaction with your body. Whether thread lifting or Botox, every aesthete offered here a professional beauty-program. Dr. med. Rezai inspire his patients with best advice and beautiful results every single day.

Not only among experts Dr. Rezai pass for renowned specialist in dermatology, allergology and aesthetic dermatology. Besides his colleagues and patients, he is also known by the general public: he informed regularly in TV reports from popular TV channels about experience with new treatment options and assist with technical knowledge and sensitivity the patient by dermatological treatments.

His services are versatile: he offered alongside classic dermatological treatments, Botox treatments, during wrinkle treatments, blepharoplasty, laser therapies, tattoo removal and many more. Due to his openness for new products and innovations, Dr. Rezai is one of the first dermatologists which epi nouvelle+ naturelle integrated in his treatment concept –  because it is suitable for many dermatological treatments as an after-treatment and show reliable good results.

Dr. Rezai uses very often and gladly epi nouvelle+ naturelle specially after of blepharoplasty. He gives the following reason:

Dr. Rezai: „We set the standard to provide our patients the best quality always. This is what drives us. Therefore, we take epi nouvelle+ naturelle for after-treatment all the time.

The early sings of aging, for example crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles or wrinkles around the mouth, get soonest visible with advancing age. The patients desire for this none invasive and none surgical treatments with little or no healing phase. We are able to fulfill this desire – and epi nouvelle+ helps us here significant, because it reduce swelling and in this way the regeneration is shortened and the result is, that the patients are look fast presentable.

The eyelid operation from slack eyelids and tear sacs, also known as a blepharoplasty, is most frequently aesthetic-surgical procedures in my practice. It can lead to a clear improvement by relatively small strain. Follows an effective after-treatment, for example in the form of epi nouvelle+ naturelle, the regeneration of the skin can significant speed up and pain relief. The final treatment result from an eyelid lift is visible until after several weeks. Swelling have to gone down and wounds have completely healed. If I give my patients after the treatment the pads from epi nouvelle+ naturelle then the swelling goes down – and the earlier the swelling to subside, the sooner we can assessed the result of the operation. The patients had a decisive advantage that they go after their normal day routine soon. I am very excited about the good results.

We have a long time looked for a high-quality service for the after-treatment and found this now. Epi nouvelle+ naturelle is unique on this point.”

Hautarzt Münster, Dr. med. Kai Rezai, Windthorststraße 16, 48143 Münster