Dr. med. Marion Moers-Carpi

Our surgery hautok is situated in the city centre of Munich. We have a quite simple philosophy: “Your skin is our passion.” – in all areas of dermatology and cosmetics. This means in concrete terms that in most cases we can treat our patients directly at our surgery instead of sending them to specialists.

We can also deal with post-treatment because we have found our own solution to continue the therapy after surgery: epi nouvelle+ naturelle. If patients complain about swellings and pain after surgery, we can support them with pads of epi nouvelle+ naturelle to initiate constant cooling and reduce the negative side effects. Because of the fine mesh of nanocellulose the pads can be easily prepared onto the irritated skin areas and adhere independently. The skin is cooled by evaporation and protected from infection.

Our goal is to optimize the medical care for our patients. Whether after laser treatment or after winkle treatment, we use epi nouvelle+ naturelle in a variety of situations always to improve the patient’s well-being after surgery significantly. The positive feedbacks of our patients confirm that again and again.

And because we are convinced by epi nouvelle+ naturelle we arrange regular live applications such as the one we organized at this year`s DDG Conference in Berlin. At advanced trainings we can lay the benefits of epi nouvelle+ naturelle bare before the viewer’s eyes. We just could not imagine that a natural product could have such a great impact. epi nouvelle+ naturelle truly is a unique innovation.

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