Dr. med. Daniel S. Müller

Especially after minimally invasive treatment of the face like injection of hyaluronic acid, thread lifting, laser treatment and micro needling, the application of epi nouvelle+ naturelle significantly improves patient convenience and patient satisfaction. The easy handling, the dermatological compatibility und the skin-soothing effect lead to decreased swellings, redness and reduced formation of hematoma after therapy. Thus, the patient’s downtime is shortened.

The patient feels very comfortable if epi nouvelle+ naturelle is stored for a short time in the refrigerator and thereby cooled down before application. This way, also a potential hypothermia that occurs by the use of conventional cool packs can be avoided.

Dr. med. Daniel S. Müller, MBA, Facharzt für Dermatologie & Venerologie, Fürstenstrasse 15, 80333 München