Simone Steffens

Directly after putting on the mask a cool, relaxed, and comfortable feeling occurred. I let the mask work for 2 hours. Because of its very good adhesion it would have been even possible to go for a walk therewith. After removing the mask, my skin was refreshed and moisturized. Moreover, there was no feeling of dryness or tension. My facial skin felt really comfortable and cared.

Because the material consists of pure cellulose and holds a high-water content the product offers very good skin compatibility. I also tried other products of JeNaCell at home and I recommend the use of them in connection with all types of minimally invasive treatment. The skin cools down and soothes. The swelling of the treated areas and the relating formation of hematomas is less strong. Fortunately, the redness of my skin was very little after the application of epi nouvelle+ naturelle. My skin soon became visibly rejuvenated and I was able to use cosmetics earlier as usual and thus I was able to go to work again. Thanks to JeNaCell I could enjoy a great and comfortable time after my treatment.

Simone Steffens, tried epi nouvelle+ naturelle