Christa Stiebritz

Mrs. Stiebritz, how did you get to know about epi nouvelle+ naturelle?

Christa Stiebritz: I read about JeNaCell in a newspaper where they promoted their brand epi nouvelle+. I didn’t know about the company or the product. At first, my skepticism was high, however, my curiosity was even higher. I contacted JeNaCell and immediately received all necessary information and free samples.

How did you use the product?

Christa Stiebritz: I had a mole that I wished to be removed by laser treatment. When I went to the doctor for the laser treatment I took along epi nouvelle+ naturelle for aftercare. My doctor did not even know about it.

I applied epi nouvelle+ naturelle to the treated skin directly after the laser treatment. It was quite easy. I realized immediately that my skin was pleasantly soothed and cooled. I felt very comfortable with this soothing mask because my skin was noticeably restored already after the first application.

Moreover, the feeling of tension and the redness of my face disappeared. I felt pretty comfortable. Within the next three days I applied epi nouvelle+ naturelle once a day for two hours. I wore the pads while watching television or sitting in front of the computer. I was able to move all the time.

That was easy and very pleasant. In a short time, my skin regenerated and relaxed.

What is your conclusion?

Christa Stiebritz: I highly recommend epi nouvelle+ naturelle to everyone. Since my first application I am totally convinced. The products of epi nouvelle+ naturelle have a very high quality and are not comparable to others. Since I learned about epi nouvelle+ naturelle from the newspaper I am a loyal customer and very happy about my initial curiosity.

Christa Stiebritz, customer