Dr. med. Ev-Charlott Walter

Our surgery with integrated beauty institute is located in Berlin-Charlottenburg at Savignyplatz, which means that it is in the very middle of the city. We are surrounded by the spirit of the capital and the much-praised Berlin air.

We always try to enhance the patient’s quality of life and their emotional wellness. This is why my patients are very enthusiastic about epi nouvelle+ naturelle. If patients react sensitively to the treatment, epi nouvelle+ naturelle is the perfect solution for calming down the skin again. Redness and swellings can be reduced quickly.

I constantly study further and I am always on the lookout for new and improved approaches. By the help of epi nouvelle+ naturelle I have gained new patients. Patients, who get dermatocosmetic treatments such as Microneedling, „Draculalifting “or various acid peelings, feel great relief when using epi nouvelle+ naturelle. The redness of the skin can be clearly decreased and the pain und burning is minimized. Besides that, there is no longer a risk of infection or allergic reaction when using the mask.

Patients with wrinkle treatment are very glad about the reduction of unpleasant redness and skin tension.

Many of my patients, who did hair removal by diode laser, are pleased to see the skin soothing and are very happy with epi nouvelle+ naturelle. We are also very pleased that we can use epi nouvelle+ naturelle in such a broad range of applications.

Dr. med. Ev-Charlott Walter, Fachärztin für Dermatologie und Venerologie, Phlebologie, Berufsdermatologie

Dermatologie am Savignyplatz, Carmerstraße 7, 10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg